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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning.
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welcome to friday. friday the 13th. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> we will get you through to the weekend. now a check of weather and traffic. >> i have had issues this morning. is it friday the 13? or just meteorologist mike nicco? >> exactly. here is a look at live doppler hd. drizzle is along the coast. the rest of us dry. tomorrow, there could be more drizzle a few showers. at pier 15, it is cloudy. the 12 hour day planner is 48 to 54 with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. maybe a possible 80 but that is the exception. >> a couple of citizens on friday morning, not if luck for those folks involved. this is still out there, southbound 680 before 580 in the slow lane that was blocked with a car with front-end damage wait on the tow truck. it is early. i am not seeing a lot of slow
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traffic. new accident involving a big-rig on the shoulder foreign 880 before dixon landing and it is out of the lays and we are not seeing major throughs. more ready work in a few. we will check the bay bridge, too. develop news in hercules, highway 80 is back open after it was shut down for a bad crash that sent one person to the hospital. are we dealing with yet another highway shooting in the east bay? amy hollyfield has that story. amy? >> yes, there are reports there has been a shooting. we are working to get the agencies with culls to c.h.p. and waiting to hear back. but, first, look at what the crash looked like. this happened around 10:30 in hercules, officers closed all lanes on eastbound 80 near the highway 4 exit while they investigated but all lanes now are open so the commute is fine. at least one people was taken to the hospital and in this --
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involved a shooting it would be the second shooting this weekend, a pregnant woman was shot and killed in pittsburg on wednesday. no one was arrested in the shooting. that was the 19th shooting on the bay area highway since november. >> burlingame police are investigating an early morning car crash on northbound highway 101. it happened at 12:40 at broadway street 506 ramp hitting the center divide and rollover, with lane closed an hour while the freeway was closed. the passenger in the car is recovering in the hospital with minor injuries. the driver was not hurt. drivers arrested him for possible d.u.i. all the two alameda county sheriff deputies charged in connection to the beating you see on this video are scheduled to appear in court. it was caught on surveillance video beating a suspect in the mission district in november. the two officers were booked and
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released on bail on wednesday. both are on paid leave and are charged with assault. it took a bay area woman 40 years to get justice for her mother. betty jean elias was raped and murdered in her apartment in 1979. because of her daughter's persistence a suspect now is awaiting trial. here is katie marzullo. >> it was heart to -- hard to lose her. hard. >> joanne paletta was 22 and living in san diego when she got word her mother, betty jean elias, had been murdered. the crime scene, her mother's apartment, in oakland, looks much different now than back then in october of 1979. >> my mother was tortureed. show had a slow death. she fought holy, she had in finger nails left she was raped and stabbed and strangled.
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no leads. no suspected. the case was cold the but joanne paletta never gave up and kept pressures on investigators. >> in my heart i knew he was there. something said he is out there, get him. >> few years ago oakland police got d.n.a. from the crime screen test asked they got a match. >> dennis eagle was serving time for a sex crime in another state and charged with murder and is held at jail in dublin. joanne paletta said he summer would be proud. >> i know she is smile down on me. >> he is scheduled to be in court may 31. and daughter daughter will be there and at every court appearance and every day of the trial. >> joanne paletta reached out to us on facebook and that is how we got the story. >> president obama is taking a big stand this only for
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transgender students in the battle over bathrooms. the obama administration and issuing a directive to school districts today to call on schools to allow regularring from students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity not what they were important with. it includes access to looker rooms. districts that do not physical the order could face lawsuits or lose their federal funding. >> a catholic high school in san francisco is supporting a teacher who came out as transgender. mercy high school changed the name of the teacher from being male, and the school leaders hold meet, for conditioned patience but only one opinion showed up. the sisters run the all-girls school and say it is not a lambing stand on lgbt issues. >> we are all individuals who need to be respected, deserve to be respected, and we have a right to the human dignity god gave to each of us. all the sisters are calling it a drama-free decision. >> throughs of people are
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septembered to participate in sunday's annual bay to breakers race in san francisco the longest running annual foot race in the world with 50,000 people taking part last year. it starts in sonoma and howard and main street and the finish line is the great highway near lincoln way. we will have coverage on sunday morning and stream live aerials before the start of the race at 8:00 a.m. and you can watch it through the news app with raceness as it happened. >> now at look at the forecast: we are going to start off a little cloudy in the o, 54 but we will see the quick changes you will need sun screen. 58 at look, to 62 at 1:00 o'clock, and alcohol can intense tie the effect of the sun. now we have those disclaimers out of wait, san francisco is 53 to 57 and in walnut creek right new, richmond, 2355, same in the
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federal district, american canyon, 51, and palo alto at 56, and pleasanton and tracy and santa clara, at 58 in saratoga. now, the activity planner, it will be good, just the bay or north of the bay bridge into the san pablo bay and delta community it is breezy and drizzle to gray and walking the dog is 8:00. 87 near the shark tank, cloudy and 56. temperatures are in the 60s and 70s today but, look, we stay there on saturday and sunday and we do have a chance winter weather advisory on saturday, and breezy conditions on sunday. sue? >> we are looking at a stream headlights from the east shore freeway beyond into the macarthur maze good san francisco a noise 15 minute drive and when you approach the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is slowing nicely with no metering lights so it comes at 5:30 or so, and we will check that. elsewhere, away pay area, we
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have the accident before dublin/pleasanton southbound 680 wait on a tow truck before 580 is out of the lanes and in the milpitas area, northbound, 880, before dixon landing, that is a big-rig on the right hand shoulder with a sedan that tangled with it but i am not see slow traffic. we will check on that and mass transit options coming up. all the auction is calmed off and now it is on, where the bidding stands this morning for the gun that george zimmerman used to kill trayvon martin. >> google and yahoo apps that >> google and yahoo apps that now are look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mmmm, yoplait.
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a story we brought you yesterday, that got many upset. george zimmerman auctioning off gun he used to kill try tray. it is being auctioned after get rejected by two other auction sites. right now, it tops $65 million. it is fought clear whether the bids are serious or a joke or irony but, in any case that is what is happening. >> united states nationals are stepping up the search for a man suspected of shooting his pregnant ex-girlfriend in the head. the service is offering $2,pawn row waffed for information leading to the arrest of the
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next year old. he and his girlfriend were arguing before she was shot. it grazed the back of her head and she and the baby survived. >> the fact what he was so businessen about the attack he attempted to kidnap her and show fought pack he just put a bullet into her head. >> she -- he has family in the area, and he is driving from california. >> google and why who apps have been band because of security concerns. the information technology team blocked lawmakers from accessing apps thater'sed on cloud service which is necessary to prevent possible hackers. yahoo said they are would being with the house of representatives to resolve issues involving ransom ware limiting users access.
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all the san francisco job program is off to a roaring start. we were at the art museum as companies pledge to hire young adults. 150 companies are offering 6,000 jobs. that is putting young people on the career path so they can do just that: achieve a career and ideally stay in san francisco and contribute. >> people between 14 and 24 are eligible. 14? 14? what you is wrong with 14. that is young for internship. >> i had a job at 14. happening today, san francisco stateover will breakdown on a golf complex that is the first ever oncampus training facility for the school's men's and women's golf program located at east humble and south 10th offering two large tour quality putting greens and two chipping
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greens and two bunk others bunkers. >> i am a my my golf, -- i am mini golf, golfer. >> i don't think the breeze will be so effective on the mini golf. >> pearland is 24. a thick marine layer at 3,000'. it will touch all of our neighborhoods and inland east bay neighborhoods that have been hit the 80s, it will not happen today. in san francisco it is cloudy. and 55. cooler breezes, hazy sunshine this afternoon, patchy drizzle and sprinkles tomorrow. breezy sunday and it will be warm or hot next weekend. inland. it never goes away and that is because it fades away to hazy as we head to the lunch hour, and at the cost it will be solid. that is why you are in the 50s and 60s and only 70s in the
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warmest spots. in the south by we will see wherever, 69 in milpitas and santa cruz is only 63. millbrae is 61 and everyone else is 65 to 69. upper 50s loan the cost. and nearly 60 in downtown, south san francisco and sausalito, and maybe nature the best day for pictures from the marin head laps and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's through the vietnam and 63 to 69 and inend what, temperature around 70 to 74. tonight, a chance of drizzle tens are in the upper fete to low 50s. my seven-day forecast is cooler than average law sunday and a remaining trend on monday. >> 37 bart trains in service on friday the 13th and everyone is running on time. so far, so good. ace train one got identity of stockton on time. no delays. we do have muni rerighting and this -- re-routing with delays around mission and second because of the sinkhole repier at mission and new montgomery
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which underway right now. it should be repaired by tomorrow at midday. in the meantime muni is re-routed. there will be major traffic. it is busy area across town. in walnut creek, southbound 680, over to 24 you are looking good. no problems. we will check with dublin/pleasanton accident and see in it is cleared. >> everyone walked away unharmed after a small plane plunged into a farm. you can see the plane resting upside down in the field in a small down north of lodi. the faa said the pilot recorded engine trouble yesterday afternoon. 17 permanent were on board for a sky diving trip. it clipped a car while try to land at the airport. >> it is now possible to put a robot inside of you if you have
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swallowed batteries. 3,500 button-sized batteries are swallowed each year which is a serious health risk. two scientists can now remanufacture them without surgery using a magnetic robot that is swallowed inside an ice cube and it unfolds when it is in your stomach and they guide it to battery and when it is attacked it is moved to the tract and then passed. they hope to use the technology to deliver medicine and patch wounds. just incredible. >> amazing! >> there are new details how facebook editors select trending. >> facebook insists they are not anticonservative because trending topics are said to favor liberals.
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facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg said facebook is committed to being a platform for people of all viewpoints. >> a new way to view pictures turning super wide figures into 360-degree photos and uses can pan an the photos or view the photos in the virtual reality headset. >> lg will release new rugged video cameras which is being called the first action camera with ability to have access to the internet without connecting to the smartphone. >> law is a warn before you use the free wi-fi, it could look like you are using wi-fi from a legitimate source but crooks may have figured out a way to fool you and steal your information. michael finney will show you how to spot a hot and protect yourself. a special against fence investigation on abc7 at loci. >> oakland has a new program to cut back on graffiti in
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chinatown. we were in oakland as the city hers discussed ways to reduce graffiti. a method that is welcoming: painting over it as soon as possible. chinatown is pushing adopt a block program to get more people to help stay on top of the graffiti. >> the adopt a block initiative encourages residents and businesses that come telling to take care of a specific block or willing to beautify the city. >> seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> what scientists hope to learn >> what scientists hope to learn from a rare tree.
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police investigate a fatal stabbing last night. the man died inside of a restaurant and the attacker got away. >> two a crash on highway 80 in he lease sent a person to the hospital. this are reports the crash occurred because of a shooting but the c.h.p. will not con girl that. it is the 19th shooting on bay area freeways since november. >> a san mateo police officer has quit his job after prosecutors say he sexually assaulted women while on duty. we he is accused of assaulting three women since last fall. >> a study prepared today, research shows car pool cheating is rising. on average, 24% of the drivers in the car pool lanes in the only are there without the required number of passengers. >> five, all of us are 3-7 degrees below average with a chance of west weather tomorrow. the heat will return next week. i will have the roller coaster
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seven-day forecast coming up. >> following your friday commute with a look at san jose beyond the shark tank a lost weekend activity including the bay to breakers with mass transit suggestions on how to get away it. >> mcdonald's is trying out something new and you may not necessarily really know about it, making hamburgers with fresh beef rather than frozen to see in the customers notice. >> this is happening in dallas and we will not know because skit not happening now. >> the state assembly is requiring police departments to report the number of rape kits they collect and give a republican why any goes untested. san francisco democrat chu said that there is a significant backlog rape kits in california but a shortage of data and that nations. an issue that the news team has been reporting for years, with file areas attempting to decrease the log jam after police say we do not have enough
5:25 am
resources to test. the bill goes to the state senate. >> look at this, what officials in sacramento were calling "incredibly rare," albino redwood, only tenth in the whole world. all the difference right here between the two set of kremlin between the two set of kremlin season -- chrome like this, a moment caught on camera, what you watching is passengers on a train as the train is about to plow into a vehicle stuck on the tracks but the conductor is run through the aisle to warn the passengers they are about to have an impact. s conductor knew the truck was there, planned on the breaks and knew there wassing in else he could do so he was wanting everything to brace for the
5:26 am
impact and the train did crash into the truck, no one was badly hurt thanks in part to the conductor's actions. >> incredible. graduations can be emotional but lock what happens in louisiana. parents can other family members started to brawl in the stands. officials say at least four women were involved. police are still looking for the culprit. the principal said it took the focus off students who were graduated and people involved in the fight should be ashameed. >> tonight i am humbled to announce i am officially warning for vice president of the united states! >> jimmy kimmel ready to ditch hollywood for washington? last night the show had jimmy kimmel arrived to the studio on a double decker campaign bus calling him "good stylist number two." >> did i just say that? >> jim gyp said the bid is for
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real and is available to any canidates who wants him. you can catch jimmy kimmel week flights right after abc7 news. >> i have a feeling the phones are not risking off the hook. >> we are back with a federal 90 minute of news including the measure security measures in place after a series of roves that damaged san francisco city hall. hall. >> a quieter commu thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all
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♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is friday. i am natasha zouves. >> i am regular. >> i am regular. >> it is friday t >> good morning, everyone, live doppler hd is showing you it is cloudy much the marine layer is up to 3,000 feet. the sunshine will be tempered by
5:30 am
the sea breeze. look at the temperatures in the day planner, piled this morning, mid-to-upper 50s but look at this only mid-50 to mid-60s from the coast inland by noon, and mid-to-upper 50 at coast and mid-60s at bay and only 70s inland by 4:00. time to change the wardrobe. >> getting a tip for the bay to breakers on sunday if you headed into san francisco, caltrain will be providing center trains to the peninsula. and muni will re-route around the running route which starts at main and howard at 8:00 a.m., so heads up. and bart is providing extra trains and larkspur will have extra ferries for the runs. we will look at the road work happening out this. and your mass transit today. in a few minutes. >> breaking news we are tracking from san jose, with police are searching for the person would stabbed a man in the neck killing him. the homicide investigation is taking place right new at story road near king road.
5:31 am
police believe the man was stabbed inside of a restaurant that is located in a strip mall in the area at midnight. the victim decided at scene. the strip mall is closed while the investigation is ongoing. >> the white house is sending a advantage message to every school here in the pay area and, in fact, across the country of transgender rides. that is re-ignite the already controversy issue overbathroom access. our reporter shows how this will affect your children's school. >> the president is letting schools know they cannot discriminate against transgender students. a letter from the department of education and justice is scheduled to go to all school districts including allowing students to use a bats room base on gender identity. it trillions schools they cannot force a student to bring a birth certificate to determine their gender. it will instruct staff to use the preferred pronoun of students. some parents in san francisco are worried what it could mean for theircies.
5:32 am
joe know how comfortable my son is standing at a urinal and someone comes next to him at the urinal. >> they should be able to go where they need to go. and feel comfortable. and safe. >> the justice department and north carolina sued over walls restrictioning access to school, restrooms and locker rooms and the guidelines will not be forced by law but it is clear, schools that do not comply are at risk of losing federal fund ing. >> we will take you to spains now, and these are pictures out of the madrid. this is a city south of madrid. a fire erupting at a dutch for used tires. it was started intentionally, and a shelter in place warning is issued for people in the area and are told to stay indoors to close the weapons and doors and avoid drive on the roads. the thick black smoke is
5:33 am
considered hazardous. school is canceled. there is no word when it will be brought under control. >> are. >> car pool cheater? the number is growing. a study said a quarter of people drive in car pool lanes in the morning are breaking the law. here is what is be done today about it. >> you have seem them and you could be one, a car pool cheater. the problem is very widespread. the reality is, it is slowing everyone down. the metropolitan transportation commission reports that the average h.o.v. violation in pay area during the morning commute is 24%, while in the afternoon and evening the average h.o.v. violation is 19%. the highest percentage of cheaters are here in the south bay with a third of h.o.v. lane users doing it >> one guy was in the of h.o.v.
5:34 am
lane by himself and i was going to call police but we were late for a meeting. >> a you are going to call police? >> yes, the of h.o.v. lane is this for a reason and we had five people in the car and he was holding it up. >> the study found 58% love lanes are degrade because it is congested in the bay area so the videos are moving slower than 45 miles per hour, 10% of the time they will fix it through enforcement and express lanes and engineering. >> i would never do that. >> bart is taking pity on customers by installing a huge damper to reduce the noise on bart, to be installed on the noisy section of traffic at daly city station and before west oakland. intalllation on the rails will happen over labor day weekend so
5:35 am
part of the rack is shut down. the dampers cost $1 million a mile to install. >> a new plan to deal with corroding rods on the bay bridge costing taxpayer $15 million. according to the stroke the bridge committee voted yesterday to spend the money to regrout the pros so prevent the rain water corrosion with the fix. another $1 million was approved to survey the foundation to see to there is more corrosion. >> a man and his dog died after this fire in concord, starting in the garage, spread to the house and it happened at 8:45, the woman want to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation and it caused an stilled $120,000 in damage. investigators traced the source to a car in the garage but do not know why it caught fire. >> man charged with the murder missing teen sierra lamar is
5:36 am
back in court. historian tried to move the trial out of the santa clara because of publicity. they are asking for more time to evaluate d.n.a. evidence that was checked. her body was never been found. >> you [ blank ]. >> and [ blank ]. >> this is no ordinary high school fight it is a student and a teacher fighting. and now the student in the east bay is facing charges for assault. police say it started when a high school p.e. teacher asked the boy to leave because he was wear street clothes in class. the 15-year-d attacked the teacher, beating him bloody and the school has suspended the teen and the teach certificate on paid live. the student could be expelled. >> the,time you go to city hall expect stepped up security with $20,000 in damage during the
5:37 am
last protest. 33 people were arrested. anyone who exercise after 8:00 people or before 8:00 a.m. has to show i.d. and anyone inside after 5:00 p.m. needs to tell a sheriff deputy where he or she is going. >> governor brown will release the reviseed budget this morning. many are waiting to see what programs maybe the cut. tax revenues in april, the biggest revenue month, fell $1 billion shot of expectation. in january, brown proposed $122.6 billion budget that avoided substantial increases in programs. he will release the revised budget at 10:00 a.m. >> now, inland east bay neighborhood where temperatures are milder this morning. san ramon is 52, and everyone else is around 54 to 57 degrees. and brented is 57, we have the same temperature in oakland can hayward and san jose, and los gatos and mountain you have at 56, and san carlos and san francisco is 2355 and shay he is 52 and novato is 50, from sutro
5:38 am
tower, partner laser so deep we can actually see from sutro tower this o. up around 3,000' tree and weed pollen is moderate and grass pollen is low and mold spore is moderate can u.v. index is high. you can see the broken deck of clouds at golden gate bridge and not a breeze here for commute. this is an area that will likely be wet tomorrow with drizzle in the morning and the possibility of showers across the north bay. it will be quite breezy on sunday. the temperatures are dropping 5-10 degrees. 50s at coast. 60s away bay of the and 70s inland. i have warmer weather come up in my seven-day outlook. sue? >> yes, 44 bart train in service. at 5:39. and they are all running mice and smooth, no problems. all ace trains are running on all ace trains are running on time with muni delays, the 14
5:39 am
sinkhole and it should be wrapped up by noon tomorrow with the sinkhole so expect delays through town on mission street because of that. stream of lights from golden gate field into san francisco at 15 minutes nor the delay. the metering lights are turned on and delays are building it was the overcrossing. we hope for friday light to check back on this and more in a couple of minutes. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton are firing up their supporters for the june primary. >> you can get up and personal with steph curry's mvp trophy. post your fan photos and videos post your fan photos and videos on social media
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he's happy.t's with him? your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila so veggie good >> dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happening today, the south bay gym owner arrested for sexually assault five clients will appear in court. the 49-year-old david wolfsmith is accused of touching three women and two teen girls. he runs a gym in morgan hill. a father came forward saying his teen daughter was molested. >> the race for 2016 the
5:43 am
democratic candidateses are turning focus to the south bay without physically being there. hillary clinton's office in san jose a card board cut out became a photo op. silicon valley has been hillary clinton country. but the campaign is not taking anything for granted. >> it is important to make sure the folks in northern california know it is not just a gun raisingest but because every vote matters especially in this election. >> it is a community effort and i don't want to think of people voting for "american idol," but not vote for president. that is wrong. >> "american idol," is not on tv anymore. bernie sanders were at stanford to register students, and hillary clinton could use the teams to attract millennials and is talking about free college tuition. >> donald trump is house speaker paul ryan say they are committed to working together to unite the party after the meeting yesterday in washington, dc. they say they have differences but they are seeming common
5:44 am
group. california secretary of state said that some see this asen said that some see this asen incentive -- as an incentive >> and facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is investigating whether his company is suppressing conservative views on trending topics. zuckerberg said this is no evidence of this. he wants to meet with conservative leaders on a discussion of what facebook stands for as a company. >> the bay area is getting another round of hockey playoffs. the sharks defeated nashville last night in game seven to advance to the western conference finals. they have not made it this far since 2011. martin jones had the first ever playoff shut out and they will be on the road against the blues on sunday.
5:45 am
>> they are excited. the fans could be hoarse after the clearing last night. thousands of them rocked s.a.p. center to catch the do-or-die mashup winning all four games against nashville at home in the series. >> warriors fans have a chance to have their photo taken with the steph curry's trophies. he won the award unanimously. if you playoff gear is on sale today. >> and thunder will be playing at finals with the first did games at oracle arena, monday and wednesday. and then game these and four move to oklahoma on the follow sunday and tuesday. >> win others of the largest single jack president ticket sold in until will be presented
5:46 am
the prize. the inwithers come forward at the although try headquarters. the purchaser picked the lump pull office to make it worth $284 million the. >> so many dreams... >> "dream the impossible dream." >> we are thing where we would be...maybe going to the beach? saying? it is friday. we will talk about that. first of all, the exploritorium scam a, the first venture on bay is a ferry ride the winds ar light at eight miles per hour. through the delta communities, it is up to 20-24 miles per hour so watch out in vallejo. that is the exploritorium at pier 15. as far as our forecast highlights, a great morning, and partly cloudy this afternoon with drizzle and shower is possible cross the not bay and drizzle for all of us and becoming breezy by sunday afternoon. today, the cloud is
5:47 am
more hazy than cloudy by noon. it will be cloudy along the coast. 50s to 70s, with the 88 gone. for now. it is only 69 in milpitas, and morgan hill is 73 and santa cruz is 63. 6 is in millbrae. everyone else is 65 to 69 on the peninsula. accident in mountain view, upper 50s loan coast today and barely 60s in downtown san francisco. 6 in san rafael. the east bay shore, richmond 63 and oakland 66 and fremont and castro veal 69. the showers are best in the northwest corner snow small to mendocino and lake county and the rest us have drizzle and temperatures in the upper 50's to mid-50's. cooler-than-average and breezy especially sunday and warmer than average starting on monday through wednesday.
5:48 am
sue? >> 15 minutes. that is the drive time. from 880. toward 101 on the san mateo bridge with a solid seed of headlights to the high-rise and up and over 101 but, still, a good drive time. this is san jose, 101, with the headlights in the northbound direction at 880 overcrossing, and folks are doing well moving at limit, also, we will look, though, at the accident which has been there for quite some time involving a big-rig and a sedan on the right hand shoulder and they are searching for a big-rig tow truck arrive on the scene and we will check it out. full freeway closure, 80 when, and eastbound, in san pablo starting tomorrow night at 11:00 until sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. a detour in place on san pablo and expect a full closure tomorrow need at 11:00 the east shore freeway both directions. >> a plan to make new service faster and easier near at&t park
5:49 am
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>> the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule. >> and now a problem has been fixed that has cause thousands of pieces of checked bagged to go unscreen at phoenix airport yesterday. 3,000 bags supposed to on the airplanes sat in the parking lot at the airport. t.s.a. said a computer glitch derailed the automatic check in baggage system. the agency is working on
5:52 am
screening the bags and getting them on the planes and reuniting them with the owners. >> and now, serious concerns in california on a traffic trick. skateboarders are recording their stunts on the freeway and posting them on the social media using # freewaychallenge. the stunts are nothing new. what is measure, though sex how they are spreading so fast on-line. the officials say it is causing obvious safety issues as more skateboarders attempt the tricks and stunts in busy traffic. c.h.p. is cracking down on the constituting new trend. more is on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> we have had a rash of sinkhole but look in london. completely swallow of a car that is hacking on by the front wheels yesterday morning. crew used the crane to pull the consider out. the driver is okay. he said he is glad the familiar was not in the car with him.
5:53 am
it is believed that heavy rain caused the sinkhole to open up. >> researchers if baltimore are singing good cholesterol is not the end all be all when it comes to reventing heart disease. hdl or high density protein is called the good cholesterol and guards against heart disease. however, a study said that the protection we get from hdl depend on the level of two other fats, including the levels of l ldl were a bigger new on heart disease risk. >> a survey revealing a last adults have asthma and do not know it because they are not wheezing. but they have trouble sleeping. only half those surveyed knew that those three symptoms are also possible signs of asthma. particularly, adult onset asthma. dos say see a specialist to diagnosis and treatment the symptoms. tomorrow is the opening of the
5:54 am
planned new san francisco museum of modern art. the $305 million renovatio includes six new galleries. tomorrow morning, howard street between third and hawthorne is closed to make way for the grand opening at 4:00 a.m. entertainment starts at 8:30. it opens at 10:00 a.m. >> i am so exciteed. about the weekend, period, actually. >> a it will be a great weekend. now the high is 66 and by 3:00 we could hit 60. we are mostly 55 to 59 all day today and sunday, it will be a fun day, bay to breakers. now, at look at partly sunny and 54 and we. see the quick sun and light breeze in the morning and up to 62.
5:55 am
use sunscreen. as far as traveling, 93 in fresno and the sea breeze makes it to sacramento, at 80 and today, afternoon sun and los angeles is 75 and palm springs is summer-like 102 and las vegas is 99. sue? >> bray to breakers costumes. keep it fun and not dangerous. we have metering lights on at 5:34 and traffic is mild up to the overcrossing, still, just 20 minutes from golden gate field to san francisco. golden gate bridge has four lanes southbound, for the commute, and, waldo grade, no problems into san francisco it is mice and easy and you are at 25 minutes into lombard and san francisco. still a great ride. we will look at south bay commute in a few minutes. >> the united states navy fired the commander of the ten american sailors captured by
5:56 am
iran. in january, the images were released by the iranian government and held for 15 hours after the ship entered iranian waters in the persian gulf. a navy official said the commander failed to provide effective leadership. he has been relieved of command and reassigned. >> charles keating the navy seal killed in iraq this month is going to be laid to rest. this is cell phone video of the battle on may 3rd that killed the 31-year-old. people are invited to line the streets of southeastern california on the way to the national cemetery. >> a tax break for tourism, a proposed perk for tesla buyers would live outside of california. according to the bay area news group, a new bill would get out-of-state buyers a tax waiver when they pick up their cars in fremont at the tesla fact try and enough be registered in another state in 30 days. state officials hope the tourist dollars will make up for the
5:57 am
lost tax revenue. buyers of the luxury car do need anymore breaks. >> we were offer the bay as the humpback wailed swam near the gonna yesterday. you can see a kite surfer got a little too close to the beautiful display of nature. anchovies are attracting the whales. >> a victory for thering from teacher in san francisco: next at 6:00, one school is showing its support for the change of identity. >> also, a health alert for >> also, a health alert for parents: a gluten free diet
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is almost 6:00 a.m. and time to get closer to the weekend. i am natasha zouves. >> i am regular of the it is friday. the 13 this.
6:00 am
mike nicco is our lucky charm. >> i appreciate that. >> here is a look at live doppler hd, and it is quiet this morning. we have the marine layer but it is thicker so the moisture is more spread out the i am not seeing much drizzle. you can see the impending sunrise from mount tamalpais and the day planner starting off at 48 to 54 and notice we are becoming hazy with high clouds and cooler breezes and 58 at the coast and a few 70s inland. >> that is a beautiful shot. we go to san jose, 280, in the northbound and southbound direction the headlights here are headed in northbound direction. no traffic on the 17/880 overpassing at seven minutes from downtown san jose into cupertino. we have a lot of weekend activity and look at traffic map in green it is good and everyone is


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